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Maize (Corn) Starch Powder


Corn starch or maize starch is the starch derived from the corn grain. It is a well-liked food ingredient used in thickening sauces or soups. It is also helpful in making of corn syrup and other sugars. Maize Starch is reworked into an awfully sleek paste with having low protein & Ash content. It is also used in Pharmaceutical Industry as a dusting media. It helps in coating, binder & filler capsules.


         Industry Specifications:

  1.  White Powder
  2. 13% Max for Industrial grade & 12% Max for Food grade
  3. Total Ash DB: 0.25% max
  4. Ph : 4 to 7 (Industrial Grade) & 4 to 5.5 (Food Grade)



  1. Pharmaceutical Industry
  2. Textile Industry
  3. Food Industry 
  4. Paper Industry
  5. Adhesive & Dextrin
  6. Feed Industry – Cattle & Poultry



  1. Pure quality
  2. Tested by lab experts
  3. Best results with opaque paste, gravies, puddings, thickening sauces, and pie fillings