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Calcium Chloride Powder Manufacturer, Supplier & Trader


Auro Chemical is a well know manufacturer in India for best quality production of Calcium chloride through advanced mechanism. Our in-house teams are using latest techniques to produce best grade of calcium powder for existing and new customers. Our higher quality helps us to achieve potential customers across the globe.


Grade of Calcium Chloride



  1. This grade of calcium is produced in lumps and powder form. It has diverse roles in various industries, it can be uses
  2.  Vital role in concrete industry
  3. oil drilling fluid
  4. for absorption of moisture in solvents and gases
  5. RAs binding agent in cement paint
  6. For De-icing to melt Ice or Snow form Roads & Highways.

Anhydrous 98%+ - 2%

This is an extra pure material having very specialized application in Pharmaceutical Industry

Semi- Fused 72-75%

That is basic grade of calcium Chloride having very specialized application in Pharmaceutical Industry.

As a Calcium Source in manufacturing Different chemicals

Graphic/ Printing Industry

Heat Treatment Industry

In food processing industry for better shelf life in fruits & vegetables.

As coagulant in Rubber industry

For Acceleration of curing of concrete

As a hydrogenating agent of starch in glue & pasting gums.

For making solution of calcium chloride which acts as an antifreeze solution of source to be used in chilling process.

In binding of PVC components.

For cement paint 92-95%


This product is specially manufactured for cement paint industries for better results. Being of high percentage it helps in supply of sufficient moisture to cement paint Liquid 30 to 36% (sp. gr. 1.30 to 1.36) Available in liquid form as per required ph value & percentage.


Lieu of common (Sodium Chloride) in refrigeration system as brine having antifreeze properties up to 40 C

Waste Water Treatment

Heat Treatment Industry

Acceleration of setting of concrete

Calcium source in chemical process

Note:- pH can be adjusted to 8.00 plus to avoid corrosion in the refrigeration industry.