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Calcium Chloride Prills - Top Manufacturer & Supplier in India


  At Auro Chemical, we always focus on the delivery of premium quality products for valuable customers. In this context, we are using highly advanced technologies to achieve industry quality. We also able to ful fill 100% demand through in-house manufacturing units.


 Solid Forms of Calcium Chloride:


  To fulfill different industrial needs, manufacturers are producing solid forms of calcium chloride powder. Some common types are:

  1. Clacium Chloride Prills
  2. Calcium Pellets
  3. Granules
  4. Flakes

  We also are certified partner with world class prills manufacturer in Canada and Europe market. By using our assistance, you will gain the opportunity to explore premium quality of international and local brands across the globe.


Uses of Calcium Chloride Prills - Pellets

  The hygroscopic property of calcium chloride prills is playing a vital role for its importance in different industries. For example, calcium pellets is used as a dehydrating agent in oil and gas recovery. Apart from this, it also contributes a key component in dehumidifiers. These calcium chloride pellets are also effective for ice melting and as a cement accelerator.


  Used as a preservative agent for food and anti-rot material for wheat, apples and vegetables.

  For your wholesale/retail supply of calcium chloride pellets/prills, contact the sales representative of Auro Chemical today!